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Kendall House Gravesend

Posted on: July 17, 2017

Kendall House abuse claims never reported to the Police.

Kendall House, a former children’s home located in Pelham Road, Gravesend was the subject of two reports published in June and December 2016. The reports exposed over 30 years of maltreatment within the Church of England home through the testimonies of former staff and residents. It revealed that residents were routinely drugged, sexually assaulted (including rape), located in isolation rooms and kept in straitjackets.

The former director of Social Services, clergyman Reverend Nicolas Stacey, who oversaw Kendall House disclosed during a newly discovered interview that claims of abuse by children were never reported to the Police. In the 2006 interview he claimed that children in care could be “incredibly manipulative” and make things up. In the recording Reverend Nicolas Stacey stated that “Nobody was to go to the police about accusations against staff without my approval”. Stacey died in May 2017, at the age of 89.

The recording was first made public in 2012. It was discovered in the archives of the British Library by a former Kendall House resident and survivor of abuse, Teresa Cooper.

Kendall House was closed in 1986.

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