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Group Actions

Group Actions

Group actions, also known as Multi-party actions, Class Actions and Group Litigation, are where a number of Claimants all bring an action against one Defendant, or sometimes a number of Defendants, in respect of a claim arising from a similar set of facts.

In Group Actions some of the issues will be the same for each Claimant, for example the issue of liability, and therefore group actions are a cost-effective way of running a number of claims because the issue of liability only needs to be considered once.

Group Actions (Multi Party Actions) are an exceptional and complex area of law. The practice has specialised in Group Actions since its creation in 2000, but the Principal of the firm has specialised in group actions since 1994.

They enable a group of individuals to bring claims, whether they arise out of an injury or other legal dispute, and to pool their resources and evidence when otherwise alone such claims would be faced with very real difficulty.

We provide the same level of service to all our clients even if you are part of a large group of Claimants or an individual.

The following are group actions which this firm, or its members, have dealt with;

  • Various Claimants – v – Care Concern International Limited (1) AXA Insurance (2) (2005)
  • Various Claimants – v – Leicestershire County Council (1996)
  • The North Wales Tribunal of Inquiry (Also known as the Waterhouse Report) (1997 – 2000)
  • Various Claimants – v – Flintshire County Council (2000)
  • KR & Others – v – Bryn Alyn Community (Holdings) Ltd (2001)
  • Wardle & Others – v – Barnardo’s
  • KR & Others – v – Royal & Sun Alliance PLC
  • Hansom & Others – v – E Rex Makin
  • The South Wales Children’s Homes Litigation

We have recovered damages for our clients in group actions in excess of £4.2 Million

If you wish to speak with one of our specialist solicitors, in the strictest confidence, then please call 0115 982 0770 – alternately please complete our online enquiry form.

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Our cases

KR & Others – v – Royal & Sun Alliance Plc (2006) High Court before Simon J Proceedings were brought by the successful Bryn Alyn Claimants against the Public Liability Insurer of Bryn Alyn under the Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act 1930 s.1. The issue that fell to be determined was whether the relevant insurance policy existed pre August…

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Notable cases

Court hands down judgement in B&B – v – Leicestershire County Council and rules that Local Authorities owe a non-delegable duty of care to children who are placed in foster care. The Claimants were represented by Mr. Christopher Ratcliffe, solicitor, of Uppal Taylor Solicitors and Mr. Philip Turton, barrister, of Ropewalk Chambers, Nottingham. The Claimants brought proceedings against the Local…

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Other news

A facial surgeon, Roger Bainton has been struck off the medical register after he carried out dozens of unnecessary operations and “experimental procedures” while working at Royal Stoke University Hospital from 2005 to 2013. The surgeon rebuilt the faces of assault or accident victims. Questions are being asked as to why he was ever appointed at the University Hospital, after…

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